Phab Locally

Leamington & Warwick PHAB PROGRAMME 2016

Leamington & Warwick Adult Phab was started in 1975 when several youth members of Leamington Phab club reached the age of 18 and decided that they wanted to belong to an adult club.

Boccia at its finest

Group of us playing pool

  • Ages at our club range from
    18 to 60.
  • Leamington & warwick is affiliated to Phab nationally but our club members determine the club’s individual identity and our club is financially independent.
  • All our members are consulted and are involved in all the club’s events and activities, because we believe that everybody’s opinions and ideas matter.
  • Leamington & Warwick Phab takes part in town events and joins other clubs in Midlands Phab Region activities, such as Days Out and Weekends Away.